Forest Hideaway Hotel and Cottage Ltd

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Founded in 1992, Forest Hideaway Hotel & Cottages is a well run established Nepali owned company with an experienced management and dedicated staffs. Forest Hideaway Hotel and Cottages owns an unmatched reputation both in Nepal and all round the World for the top quality services, packages and travel planning advises to facilitate all the guests steps down to place.

Certified and approved by the Department of Tourism, Nepal,  Forest Hideaway possesses all the required government permits and licences to operate and hence has been committed to the provision of quality service ever since its establishment.

For over 20 years,  Forest Hideaway has successfully provided our clients, many of whom are repeat customers, from trip planning to trip operation yet to fit their special needs or interests too.

Honesty  and attention to detail movements are trademarks all of Forest Hideaway Hotel  & Cottages ensuring  that all our customers receive the best possible value for their money and time, and that they return home with cherished memories being with us or being a part of our World.

Due to our passion for our quality services on hospitality and different activities in and around Bardia, Forest Hideaway has been recommended by LONELY PLANET since years and also been recommended by number of our valuable guest on TRIP ADVISOR.

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